When you are a college student travel trips, you will need to put your friends and family minds at ease, thus you have to be sure that you travel safely. Be sure that you can tell everybody your trip story after you return home safe.

One of the most important moments of all the process of travel is hiding money and documents (you can even hide them in a big hat!). If you go abroad, it is necessary to be extremely careful with documents, credit cards, and cash. It is necessary to choose certain way, which can help you to defend your funds. Have you heard about travel money belts? If you don’t know about this invention, then it is necessary to inform you. Travel money belts are designed not only as the decoration of your cloth but also as the place where you can hide money and documents during long trips. There are two types of money belts. First type looks like usual belt but it has secret zippered department where it is possible to hide cash. Unfortunately you can’t save there documents. If you want to have your money and documents together with you during the travel, you can buy money belt, which looks like belt with money pouch. At this pouch, you can save everything and you have the possibility to have the most important things next to you.

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